JORD Watches: Are wooden watches the way forward?

First off, I’d like to say a big thank you to JORD Watches for sending me out the Hyde Ebony & Iron watch from their collection. As always though, all opinions are 100% my own.

Anyway, now that’s out the way, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, shall we?

A couple of weeks ago, JORD reached out to me and asked if I’d be keen on reviewing a watch from their range. I took a look around the site and noticed one thing – they’re all made of bloody wood!

I’d never really seen that before, so obviously I had to have one – and so I did.

jord wooden watches

I’ve been wearing this little fella for the best part of two weeks now, so I’d say I’ve had some decent opportunities to put it through its paces.

With that in mind, let’s jump into the juicy stuff.

Who is JORD?

I pilfered a little excerpt from JORD’s about section on their website so that they could tell you a bit about themselves in their own words;

JORD is a family-owned & operated company headquartered in St Louis Missouri, established in 2013. JORD’s watches and accessories are inspired by nature and designed with a modern lifestyle in mind. JORD (pronounced YODE) is a Norse word meaning “Earth.” JORD offers designs for the serious watch enthusiast as well as the casual customer looking for a cool new accessory.

See, there’s a lot more planning going into that name than you thought! It wasn’t just someone called Jordan who founded it…

These guys are also big on salvaged raw materials and build every unique wood timepiece according to these principles. As someone who has a personal vendetta against plastic – this won me over immediately.

And it’s not just watches they offer… JORD produces hats, exotic wooden sunglasses and even affordable Apple watch bands. Everything comes with a 1-year guarantee, they offer professional watch engraving and resizing AND they ship around the world for free (just watch out for those customs fees).

jord wooden watches

What you get

So, you’ve gone and got yourself one of JORD’s wooden watches, what exactly are you getting?

Well, here’s a little list followed by some pics for your perusal to find out exactly that.

Presentation box

jord wooden watches

Slide-out drawer

jord wooden watches

A lil’ cleaning cloth

jord wooden watches

Natural finishing oil

jord wooden watches

Extra links (for any big wristed bois)

jord wooden watches

Engraved details (optional)

jord wooden watches

The watch itself (with a laaarvly hessian cushion accompanying it)

jord wooden watches

Are wooden watches any good?

Well I can only speak for my lovely little minimalist ebony wood watch, but I’d wager that they’re pretty damn good.

Now, I don’t exactly want to be walking around with a shed on my wrist – too much wood might look too weird in some people’s eyes. That’s why the key for me is keeping it understated.

I like the dark ebony wood and the gunmetal grey of the watch face. They give a really crisp look, working together without having to go overboard – much like what you’d expect from an upmarket collector’s timepiece.


Maybe if the wood was really light brown I wouldn’t like it, or if they tried to make the whole body from 100% wood it would just be really odd. That’s why I think it’s key to know what your style is and manage your expectations accordingly.

If you’re a fan of big garish stuff, go for more ‘out-there’ models from the JORD range, but if you’re a bit wary about the whole wood thing, go for something less brash. That way, people won’t notice unless they’re close enough, which then becomes a really good conversation starter – or so I’ve found!

How to style a wooden watch

Like with all watches, it depends on your model, but for the sake of this article, I’ll be using the Hyde Ebony & Iron. BTW, for all you watch buffs out there, the movement on this model is precision quartz – I know people like to know these little nerdy details.

Luckily with a darker watch, you can get away with styling it (in my opinion) with just about anything. For some reason though, it just wouldn’t seem right with shorts?

Call me weird but it just doesn’t sit well with me.

jord wooden watches

Apart from that, you could go with the classic jeans and a tee; button down and smart trousers; or even swap out either of those tops for a smart polo.

I like to wear mine when I’m rocking the jeans and tee combo but I’ll usually add in a denim jacket for good measure because I’m such a bad boy and don’t play by the rules.

Here’s some JPEG’s to show you how well matched the watch is to basically all my garms.

And that’s a wrap hombres.

I’ll be keeping my little inscribed wooden timepiece for years to come and I think their whole ethos deserves some serious attention.

JORD has offered to gift one of my readers a $100 gift code to order a wooden timepiece of their own. After the giveaway is over, all participants will receive a 10% coupon code so no one is left out. This giveaway is open internationally for men and women ages 18+. 

If you’re game, you can click here to enter.

And if you’re keen to get on the JORD bandwagon, you can head to their website here. Also keep up with them on Facebook, Insta, Twitter and even Pinterest.


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