How to make your Iconic Style a Reality

Can you pass the Iconic Style Test?

It’s easy to do if you know how, so keep reading to find out the secrets.

The thing about style, is that it is sometimes misunderstood and men particularly assume it’s always about spending a fortune on clothes, your car and your holidays. If I told you that wasn’t entirely true and it’s got more to do with your state of mind, that should make you happy right! Style can be as much about an image, as the person carrying the image.

Let me give you an example, if you met a guy in a hotel lobby wearing a $2000 pair of trainers with  a scruffy pair of Levi jeans and famous label T-Shirt, you probably wouldn’t think he was stylish, would you?

Let’s assume the same guy later changes into a suit and is wearing a pair of Brogues ($300), you probably would. Be honest, a lot of this is to do with peoples perceptions of what is and more to the point what isn’t style. It’s also wrong to think that only women notice as even subconsciously, we all create an impression to others and that initial glance says a 1000 words!

Be Confident

One of the most important points about style is confidence, it’s much easier to be stylish if you have a confident manner and attitude. It doesn’t mean you should be too confident as that just comes across as rude, you should be just confident enough to portray a sense of well-being and that you belong!

This does in turn have something to do with how you look as you’re never going to feel confident if you think your hair needs cutting, you need a shave or thinking you should have put on a clean shirt this morning.

Being Body Beautiful

You don’t need to look like Daniel Craig or Imran Abbas to be sylish but you do need to be happy with the body you have, even if it means working that little bit harder to keep it that way. Working from the inside out is every bit as important as the type of clothes you wear. Making sure you eat well, exercise regularly and get adequate sleep are so important but also the 3 things which are thought about the least.

Let’s face it, you really don’t need money to do any of those things but they will bring you riches galore in terms of your self esteem and levels of confidence.

Be Positive

You’ve all heard of PMA right? (just incase you’ve been living on Mars it stands for Positive Mental Attitude) Having a positive outlook on life will certainly ensure that others see you the same way. It’s easy to slip into a negative mode when you aren’t working toward bettering or caring about yourself. Iconic Man thinks positive thoughts and feeds positive feelings to those around him.

The Right Style for You

We all have an idea of what we think style is and for some it’s easy to achieve but for many of us it does take some thinking about and the ability to accept a certain amount of advice. It’s no good going to the barbers and asking him to give you a certain type of hair cut if it isn’t going to suit you.

The best style ideas come from those who know what they are doing and generally that advice is free. Ask your barber what style would best suit you and your lifestyle, get the assistant in the clothes store pick out clothes they know will work for you and don’t be afraid to listen ans take a leap of faith every now and then. Don’t think of this as cheating, the majority of the most stylish men have used or still use a stylist to achieve their look.

If you prefer to do some of the leg work yourself, you can look for comparisons, in terms of choosing someone stylish who closely fits your type and build, to give you ideas of the kind of look they are able to achieve. Think about what looks good on these style icons and how they mix and match their style depending upon the occasion. A decent pair of jeans, a nicely fitting shirt and great shoes can appear just as stylish as a tailored suit in the right setting.

Don’t forget the accessories which can be a great compliment to your outfits. Don’t be scared to go with the latest trends but do make sure they suit your style and age, just because they are on trend doesn’t mean you have to partake, nor does it mean they are here to stay. Don’t be afraid to check out your fave style icons to see if they are following the trend, no one said you had to be first but you don’t need to be last!

You are What you Eat

This phrase has been around since at least 1826 and has even more meaning today than perhaps it did back then.

Nutrition is the key to a healthy mind and body and if you have neither of those, you cannot progress in life, let alone improve your well-being. Todays fast moving modern world constantly tries to fool you into thinking that convenience is best but there is far more convenience in eating fresh food than there is in a ready made meal.

Processed food contains far more salt and sugar than your body needs and not enough vitamins and minerals. The result is that after a time, you will have to start compensating for the lack of nutrition in your diet and in worse case scenarios spend more time at your doctors and even on prescription medicines.

In many cases, freshly cooked, healthy food can be prepared in the same amount of time it takes to wait for your ready meal in the microwave and you’ll definitely be saving yourself time and potentially serious health problems in the long run.

Iconic Man has some great pieces on well-being, style and positivity and how you can be confident with your choices. Essentially, you need to make sure you remain positive, active and confident and your Iconic Style will shine through whatever the weather!

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