The Ultimate Gentleman’s Christmas Gift Guide | 2019

A gentleman’s Christmas gift guide? How original!

Yes yes, we get them every year.

I don’t know about you though, but I love to sift through gift guides around this time of year. It helps me to figure out what I can beg my family to buy for me.

I didn’t do one last year because I couldn’t really be fussed, but I felt that 2019 required my extensive knowledge of the gentleman’s Christmas market. I mean, that is a complete lie because I have roughly zero knowledge, but maybe you’ll see something you fancy.

Let’s see shall we?

Ps. This post contains some gifted items and paid placements. I reached out to all of these companies as I already wanted to include them so it’s all stuff I’d recommend anyway. Just to be clear on that one.

Anyway – moving swiftly on from my sellout statement…

What makes this Gentleman’s Christmas Gift Guide different from the other 57 million?

Not much really.

But I am a humorous fella, so you’ll probably enjoy this one a tad more than your average GQ write-up full of up-its-own-arse-ness.

Plus, I like to do things a bit differently to the norm on here, so the recommendations on my list will probably be different from the usual of ‘Moisturiser, deodorant, chocolate and Calvin Kleins’.

At the same time, it might not.

Is the tension killing you?

Oh I bet it is!! Shall we start?

So, what do you recommend, oh wise sage?

I’m gonna break it down into sections so your wee brain doesn’t get confused and shut itself down. Nobody wants an imploded cranium during the Christmas period do they?


First off, we all love the garms don’t we? Who doesn’t want to be a fashionable bugger during the festive season?

I have also just realised I’ve ended 6 of the last 7 sentences with a question mark. How crazy’s that?





My all time favourite menswear store.

If you’re in the market for something that’s going to turn you into the suavest gentleman to have ever walked the Earth, Reiss have got you sorted – and then some.

Chrome Industries

Having worked with Chrome Industries before, I know these guys inside out. A lot of their stuff is aimed at active guys, so if you’re into being a non-slob, they’ve got you covered.

All jokes aside, their stuff is excellent. The coat pictured below is on the next level of coolness. Waterproof too you know…

It’s got a bit of an ‘Active Liam Gallagher Chic’ look going on, which I’d say isn’t a bad look at all.


Fancy something a bit less expensive? ASOS can sort you out with luxury style on a budget easily.


You don’t look back and think about that amazing pair of socks you bought that one time do you? Lovely clothes are nice and all, but when you’re on your death bed and think back through your godforsaken life, it’ll be the things you did that you’ll reminisce about.

Do more stuff.

Red Letter Days

Red Letter Days are an absolute mainstay in the gift section of pretty much every department store ever – and with good reason.

You can redeem their vouchers for literally hundreds of activities.

red letter days

There’s stuff like paintballing and supercar racing, all the way through to a slap up meal for two. They’re basically a fella’s dream. If you’re buying for a gent who enjoys thrills and the finer things in life, you can’t go wrong with these guys.

Live gigs

Live gigs are great. Loud, sweaty and perfect for making those #memories. What’s not to love?

Festival tickets

Imagine getting Glasto tickets for Christmas? Wouldn’t that make your year? Your life? Or Download if you’re a bit of a goth?

Or whatever you’re into. Yeah, thought so.

New year, new them

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for making New Year’s resolutions.

Iffley Road

These guys make some of the very best workout gear.

iffley road

Apparently it’s designed for runners but I’ll tell you right now, I do not run. I don’t like it in the slightest and can only barely tolerate it when I play football.


Their range is ideal for gym goers and I have a tonne of Iffley Road’s range already – with their half zip shirt being the pick of the bunch for me.


Long time collaborators with The Man Blueprint, Jabra, have smashed it out the park with their newest headphones. Their 85h model is unbelievable, both in design and sound quality.

They’ve got active noise cancelling technology so you can barely hear anything at all that’s going on around you. Even if you haven’t got any tunes on.

jabra headphones

If you don’t mind looking a little bit like a Cyberman, these should be on your gentleman’s Christmas list.

The kind folks at Jabra HQ have hooked me right up with a big fat discount code too. If you’re reading this and just can’t help but want a pair of these beauties, use this link to get a whopping £56 off.

Gym membership

The ultimate in new year, new me-isms.

Going to the gym and getting fit is the best habit you can possibly build. You feel great, you look great and you’ll live longer – there literally are no downsides.

Some may say it’s the best gift you could possibly give…

And while they’re at it – buy them my book, The Bulking Blueprint, if you want them to make the best gains of all time. Or if you’re buying for yourself, buy the god damn book anyway.

Elephant Box

Another long-term partner of the blog, Elephant Box are the one-stop shop for all the eco-warriors amongst us.

elephant box

Their main stainless steel lunchbox will probably last about 50 lifetimes and it’s just so much cooler having one of these containers than your standard tupperware. PLUS, it’s much better for that all important testosterone production baby.

They’ve just brought out their new 1 pint stainless steel cup too which is very, very cool. Much more durable than a pint glass and much smarter looking too. Ideal for camping, festivals or where I use it – my apartment.


I’ve written about the benefits of floating before and I absolutely love the feeling of pure relaxation it brings. Maybe 2020 is the year you or the gent in your life wants to get mindful.

float planet

With such a big focus on mental health, trying floating could be the best thing you’ve done in a long time.

I use Float Planet here in Liverpool, but wherever you are, you’ll be able to find a floatation centre.

Things they can actually use

Grand gestures are all well and good, but sometimes you just want a present or two that you can actually use day-to-day.

Orbit Key

The guys over at Orbit Key are doing a sterling job.

orbit key

Their main USP is their key organiser which is very smart, but I wanted to try their key chain thingamabob. Keeping your keys attached to your belt loop is gonna be the fashion statement of 2020 – watch this space…


Wow thanks mum! I’ve always wanted a carafe!

Jokes aside, carafes are cool af. The carafe from Black & Blum comes with a stick of charcoal that will purify your water and it’ll last 6 months before you need to get a new one.

I whack a load of water in this and pop it in the fridge overnight. Best tasting water ever in the morning let me tell ya. Pour into one of Elephant Box’s pint cups for extra suaveness points.


The ethos of this blog is self-improvement. You could argue that all the gifts on this list will improve you in some way, but these two didn’t really fit into any other category so here we are.

Wim Hof Method

As we all know, I am a bit of a Wim Hof fanboy.

I’ve reviewed his method, been featured on his social media channels and written my own piece on cold exposure which was a big hit.

Wim’s method has revolutionised by health and I’ve been doing it for close to 2 years now, every day (almost) without fail. It’ll be a gift that will stick with any gent for his life.


I’ve recently starting listening to audiobooks after resisting for what seems like an eternity. I’m glad I got into them though because it’s a complete different experience to a standard book.

You feel like you’re just having a conversation with the author. Not sure if that makes sense but if you listen to one you’ll probably understand.

Just sign up at Audible for a free 30 day trial. It’s only £7.99 a month once that runs out so a year’s subscription could be a phenomenal little investment for all my learned gents out there.

Or do what I do and use fake emails to get more free trials.

Don’t tell Mr. Bezos though…


An accessory can be a great gift that holds a lifetime’s worth of memories. Having things that have meaning to you is a great way to add more personality to any outfit, so a noice little accessory will be a gift that keeps on giving time and time again.

About Vintage

The guys at About Vintage are mainstays on the blog, so you’ve probably seen me waxing lyrical about their watches before.

But hey ho, I’m gonna do it all again.

They have absolutely all sorts of designs to choose from, with my fave being a black leather strap and simple watch face design.

There’s also a new design they have featuring a stainless steel strap which is unbelievably smart – although they’re selling like crazy, so by the time you’re reading this, they may well be sold out.

Go and check out their site for loads more designs. Their Instagram is on another level too so go and give ’em a follow.


It wouldn’t be a gentleman’s Christmas gift guide without a bit of that grooming goodness now, would it?

Dr Jackson’s

I’ve collaborated with Dr. Jackson’s before, and I just can’t get enough of their products. They’re actually doing little Christmas sets as well which are phenomenal.

The way they’re all packaged is great and the products themselves are unrivalled in their effectiveness. They’re mostly natural ingredients as well and I have found their gear to genuinely be beneficial, especially the moisturiser and face wash.

Faith in Nature

I love this stuff.

The guys at Faith in Nature are absolutely smashing it. As a self-confessed chem-phobe, their shampoos and body wash are absolutely ideal – especially if you’re looking to keep your exposure to xenoestrogens down and your testosterone up.

Are you ready to write your Christmas list now?

I wonder what Father Christmas is going to get you?!?!?!

Hopefully not a sack of coal ey?

Don’t forget to follow on me Insta and as always, bookmark the homepage for weekly posts.

Merry Christmas gents!