Feed | 30 days using meal replacements

First off, a big fat thank you to the folks over at Feed for hooking me up with 30 days worth of meal replacements. They came through here. That being said, it doesn’t mean they’re getting a smooth ride. Trust me.

Anyway, I had enough provisions to use one of their products each day, which included a mix of meal replacement bars, snacks, pre-made shakes and powders.

Some I loved, some I didn’t…

Read on for a full breakdown brethren.

Who are Feed?

I hate paraphrasing companies’ about pages, so I won’t. Here is Feed’s bio;

Feed. creates complete meals in convenient formats for active people. The products do not require any preparation: no need to cook or even reheat them.

Our Feed. smart-foods are vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free and non GMO. The recipes are made from quality ingredients by dieticians, nutritionists, food engineers, and chefs. One Feed. meal contains all the nutrients (protein, fibre, carbohydrates, lipids), vitamins and minerals your body needs.


Is it too good to be true?

I’ve talked at length about the peaks and troughs of meal replacements before. Just because it comes with its downsides though, I don’t think the idea is too good to be true. Feed are much closer to perfect than a lot of their competitors – definitely the best I have tried, put it that way.

When trying Feed’s meals, you have to realise that it isn’t a complete replacement for real food. Their own nutritionists have stated that their products aren’t designed to maintain life on their own. You need to be eating a decent diet alongside their range.

feed meal replacement supplements review

But for busy bees like myself, a meal on the go that is not only healthy, but tasty and extremely easy to prep (there isn’t any) and eat on the go.

So no, it isn’t too good to be true. Providing your expectations aren’t stupid.

My 30 day experience with Feed

The first few days were great. I needed a snack to tide me over to my next meal? Nice lil bar to sort me out. I wanted a sweet treat? Same again.

But after about 4 days, I started to get stomach issues.

Not ideal. The way I found around this was to just take a day off. The chocolate balls were actually okay digestion-wise but the drinks and chocolate spread were guilty too.

feed meal replacement supplements review

If you’re someone who can handle these sorts of supplements, go for it.

But I couldn’t.

That’s why I had to take a good few days off during the 30 days. To be fair though, overall, they were cracking. They tasted great, I wasn’t hungry straight after like I often get with standard protein bars and they have very solid macros.

Apart from digestive troubles, what’s not to like?

So, should you try it?

I know the bars are quite expensive but I would genuinely say they’re worth it, especially as they can substitute an entire meal for the price. The likes of a Grenade Carb Killa is a good option, but they’re roughly the same price and are packed with sugar and a load of other crap.

The Feed bars will fill you for ages and offer 33% of all your RDA’s from natural ingredients. Not to mention they taste great too – especially the chocolate, lemon and banana ones.

I’d also definitely try the crunchy balls and chocolate spread because they were amazing too. The spread offers more nutritional payoff than your average Nutella as well, which is always a bonus.

The shakes and powders for me weren’t overly palatable so I can’t really put my seal of approval on them. A caveat regarding basically any product in the Feed range (and a product of this type from any company for that matter), it’ll probably make you fart a lot – so dip your toe in first to see if you can handle it.

If not, maybe steer clear.

Again, big thanks to Feed for sending me over a huge selection of their range.

Show them some love and give their site a visit if you’re keen to try out some of their products. Be sure to keep up with them over on Instagram too.

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Nice one bruvva.