Setting my goals for 2020 | Lofty Expectations

I don’t usually do personal posts on the blog, but it’s my website and I’ll do whatever the bloody hell I want with it. With 2020 just around the corner, I thought it’d be a good time to put together some of my lofty, mostly unachievable goals for the year.

I was going to do 20 goals but then I realised I don’t really have 20 goals in life. For the sake of making the title sound nice, it would have been lovely but I just can’t rattle off so many gosh darn goals. More than likely, I’d run out of things to aim for and just write down stuff like ‘take at least 300 poos during the year’.

Anyway, the list below is in no particular order. Just the order that they came into my bonce.

1. Rent out my own office space

It’s been a goal of mine for some time, but 2020 is the year that I’ll be making it a reality. Working from home is amazing and I am grateful for the opportunity that my hard work has given me, but sometimes you just need a change of scenery.

Sitting in bed in my undies to work can be liberating but my God is it hard to motivate yourself. Getting up, ready and going to an office might just be the kick up the backside I need to double down on my efforts and supercharge my progress.

2. Reach 10k on Instagram

People say it’s not a numbers game, but in reality, everything is a numbers game.

Anyone that preaches that it’s not has more than likely got no ambition or can’t be bothered to put in the effort required to get to a decent figure. I want the 10k so I can use the swipe up feature and allow people to visit the blog more easily.

That’s pretty much it lol. Hopefully I haven’t boiled too much piss with that little rant about preachy peeps but it’s the truth.

It’s took me about 2 years of solid graft to get to 4k so hopefully we’ll see a bit more snowballing in 2020 and I’ll be getting more brand deals than David Beckham.

3. Get a new apartment with the missus

We’re lucky enough to live in the city centre and it’s amazing, but we’re in a studio at the moment so it’d be nice to find somewhere a bit bigger. Mostly just to house her books and ever-increasing clothing collection, but I suppose it’d be nice for me too…

4. Travel to 10 new places

If you read the blog regularly, you know I’m big into my travel. Not in the ‘oooo wanderlust with the best people in Bali oooo‘ way though. More in the ‘this is a nice city, I like it’s food and beer’ way.

With a few excursions to Oxford, Bristol, Krakow and Barcelona planned already before March, this should hopefully be a goal that I surpass quite easily.

I really want to do more staycations this year as there’s just so much to the UK that I feel like I haven’t had a chance to see yet and it’d be a shame to look so far afield all the time when there’s so much to do on my doorstep.

Costs a bit less too…

5. Reach a 140kg squat

I’ve stopped doing deadlifts and I have already reached the fabled 60kg overhead press & 100kg bench press mark, so it’s about time my lower body played catch up.

I’ve flirted with squats for years and when I really commit to them, I make good gains. When I was running Wendler 5/3/1, I reached a 132.5kg squat, but 2020 is the year where I hope to surpass that and build some respectable wheels.

6. Gain 10lbs of muscle

This ties in nicely with number 5. Hopefully the increases in leg mass will contribute nicely to this gain heftily.

I also want to pack on some decent size up top too, so I’ll really be knuckling down on my diet and staying consistent with my training. I’ve always been pretty on point with my training but tend to be quite a program-hopper, so I need to stay on an actual program for a minimum of 6 months.

If I can pair that with a curbing of my absolute monstrous binge-eating habit, maybe 2020 will be the best year of gains for this yo-yoer.

7. £10k in monthly revenue

People get uncomfortable talking about finances but I just don’t understand why.

I saved up £23k so I could take on the blog full time. It was making about £150/month at the time and I didn’t have any regular work coming in so in hindsight, it was probably a bit hasty.

But here we are, almost 2 years down the line and I’m starting to recoup some of that absolute fat stack that I blew through in that time.

After taking on more freelance work as a copywriter, I started up my own creative agency just over a month ago and things have been going from strength to strength. It’s early days, but I’m starting to bring in near £3k/month which is much more than I had been earning in my last job and I can do it from anywhere with Wi-Fi.

Since the business is going so well, I’m setting what has to be the biggest goal on this list – making £10k a month. If I only get halfway towards that goal I’ll be a very happy camper, but a man can dream, can he not?

8. Grow my business to 12 employees

Much in the same vein as number 7, I want to scale the agency up to 12 employees. At the moment, there’s about 6 of us, so this is another goal I’m actually halfway towards. Here’s hoping that I get enough work in to warrant bringing so many more people on board.

Just call me Jeff Bezos.

9. Sell 100 more copies of my book

I brought out my very own fitness book this year which was probably my proudest ever achievement. It sold just over 100 copies which isn’t exactly setting the literary world alight, but I’m proud that 100+ people actually paid real life money to read words that I had written.

Hopefully, I can sell another 100 this year and help to bring fitness into more people’s lives to help them live happier and healthier.

10. Learn a language

I’ve had varying success with languages recently. I had been practicing French before a trip to Metz which I actually really started to get the hang of, but I couldn’t grasp Italian or Spanish.

I think it was because the French language was much funner to learn, so I’ll probably try and stick with that even though it hasn’t got as much of a universal application as Spanish.

Maybe this time next year I’ll be living it up in Paris quaffing red wine and inhaling baguettes. Only time will tell.

Wahey! You made it to the end. Well done you.

So anyway, these are my goals for 2020. I’ll do a follow-up to this article in 12 month’s time and we’ll assess how many I was actually able to achieve. Right now, I’m full of coffee and optimism, so I’ll say all 10. More than likely, I’ll have accomplished about 2 of ’em though.

Wish me luck and don’t forget to keep up with me on the daily over on the gram.