Is this Liverpool’s best meal prep delivery service?

Let’s start this off by saying a big thank you to the gang over at meal prep service, My Fresh Box for hooking me up with a serious stack of scran. They boxed me off with a full week’s worth of fully cooked and prepped meals all delivered to my doorstep.

But were they actually any good?

You want the short answer? Yes, rather scrumptious.

The long answer? It’s a bit more complex.

Shall we?

Who are My Fresh Box?

So, who are these people and are they Liverpool’s best meal prep service?

For a city that loves it’s fitness, that’s a pretty big claim. It is also quite a mountain to climb considering there are national meal prep delivery services which I have actually trialled (here & here) vying for everybody’s business.

With that in mind, it’d be quite an achievement for me to bestow this imaginary crown upon them wouldn’t it?

Well maybe – just maybe – I will…

Anyway what a fat ramble.

Liverpool's best meal prep service

My Fresh Box are a meal prep delivery service based out of Liverpool who deliver to the city centre and the surrounding areas. They actually have a handy tool on their website that allows you to check if your postcode is within their radius.

Their aim is to make Liverpool as healthy as possible and they’re doing it by cooking up seriously tasty and nutritious grub. Headed up by Alex, the owner, who has worked in Michelin star restaurants, they’re staying true to their word.

My thoughts

They were kind enough to let me gorge myself senseless on their dishes so let’s see what I thought shall we?

The Good

There is quite a lot of this so I’ll try not to go on too much.

Tastes great

As mentioned above, these guys are professional chefs with experience in top-end restaurants so the majority of these dishes taste unreal. The curries they make are next level – try the Malaysian Chicken and you won’t be disappointed.

my fresh box meal prep delivery service

Healthy sized portions

One thing meal prep companies often fail at is making substantial portions. To cut costs en masse they will give paltry servings but My Fresh Box have bucked the trend with loads of food packed into their containers.

Timely delivery (and flexible)

They can deliver to you wherever you are in Liverpool and are flexible with their times. I asked them whether they’d be able do deliver to my office as well as at home and they said that would be no problem.

If you spend half the week in the office and half at home, this is perfect. Not only that, but you can change your nominated delivery days so you know exactly where to be and when to get your fix.

my fresh box meal prep delivery service


There’s so much variety to their menus and they are constantly changing too, meaning you’re never gonna get bored of what they’re putting on your plate.


Whack your meal in the microwave for 3 minutes and you’re done. No prep necessary – it’s a lazy oaf’s dream!

my fresh box meal prep delivery service

The Bad

Now I’m not one for biased reviews, so let’s balance out that good stuff with a bit of the bad shall we? I’ll be honest, these are pitfalls of pretty much all meal prep companies – it’s not specific to My Fresh Box – but they’re still worth going over all the same.

A few bland meals

There were a few bland meals. The protein pancakes are quite dry and the fish pie didn’t really taste of anything in particular. If I was you, I’d give these ones a miss but apart from that, the taste sensations were flying about all over the place.

Lots of plastic

Each meal comes in its own, single-use plastic container. Bad news.

my fresh box meal prep delivery service

The good news is that you can give My Fresh Box your own tupperware/containers and they will use them for you instead! You can also wash out the containers and give them all back. Obviously they don’t use them again due to hygiene reasons but they do recycle them which is as much as you can ask for a company of this sort.

Not enough?

At the time of writing, you can only order a maximum of 21 meals per week. That’s 3 meals per day and with those meals ranging from 200-600kcals apiece, you’re probably not going to get near your calorie goals for the day with just their service alone.

my fresh box meal prep delivery service

It’s a common pitfall with most meal prep delivery services and something I don’t really understand. If you’re paying a premium for all of your meals, you don’t want to then have to go out to buy and prep more do you?

This was the point I raised to Alex, the owner of My Fresh Box and he informed me that you can actually make custom requests by dropping them an email. They’re also in the process of updating the selection options on the site so people can order more meals at once.


If you’re not in Liverpool then obviously this isn’t the meal prep service for you. You’d be better suited to using other national delivery services.

But that’s the case with the majority of these businesses though. It’s the nature of the beast – meal prep delivery services are better, more bespoke and fairer priced when they are independent. Going local is your best bet.

my fresh box meal prep delivery service

If you’re not in Liverpool and don’t want to try the big guys, try and find yourself a local company.


The prices vary for My Fresh Box’s meal plans but to give you an idea of prices per month, here’s what you can expect;

  • Vegan meal plan – from £180
  • Muscle building meal plan – from £234
  • ‘Healthy lifestyle’ meal plan – from £198

Obviously the price goes up the more you order but there’s your rough ball park figure.

So, is this Liverpool’s best meal prep service then or what?

In all honesty – probably.

I can’t compare it to anything else in Liverpool as I haven’t tried any other local services. But one thing’s for sure – they’re the best I have tried in general.

my fresh box meal prep delivery service

Portions are great, the cooking is spot on (these guys have Michelin star experience don’t forget), macros are excellent (and can be tailored) and they are as eco-conscious as a meal prep service can be.

My Fresh Box gets The Man Blueprint seal of approval. Not quite sure that’s the best accolade they’ve ever received but they can add that to their collection…

My Fresh Box are the good guys of the meal prep service industry.

They’re certainly not ripping you off with their portion sizes, they’re giving you the very best ingredients in their most natural form and they’re from the best city in the world – what’s not to like?

my fresh box meal prep delivery service

If you want to create your own order, you can do so here. You can also keep up with them on Instagram where they post their new dishes, menus and behind the scenes updates.

And don’t forget to give ya boi a follow n all – nice one.