The Instagram tools every blogger needs

Instagram tools.

What are they?

Do you need them?

How do they help you to grow your Instagram account?

Are they safe?

These, and about a million other questions are always popping up when 3rd party apps are mentioned within the Insta community. Luckily, I have been at this game for a while (follow me on Insta and see for yourself lol) and have got the inside scoop on the best of the best.

What are Instagram tools?

Instagram tools are 3rd party apps that you can use to turbocharge your Instagram profile & presence.

Put it this way – it’s nothing shady (in case that’s what you’re worried about).

There are so many programs, websites, apps and whatever else you could possibly conceive, all vying for your business, so it can be hard to filter through the BS out there.

The one thing that also annoys me is the lack of clarity in the articles that attempt to list what’s out there. For instance, I read a few Instagram tool articles and they recommend upwards of 3 different types of scheduling apps????

What a brilliant way to confuse your audience…

With that in mind, I will give you my favourites and the ones that I personally use instead of just listing every single tool available. I’ll also give you a few alternatives if there are any. I won’t go into depth on these secondary ones because they’re inferior in some way, shape or form.

Sound fair?

Why do I need them?

Simply put – you don’t.

But it certainly can’t hurt and having a few select apps can really take the burden off your daily schedule and make your profile/content stand head and shoulders above the competition.

OBVIOUSLY we’re all one big happy family and there’s no such thing as ‘competition’ in this world but you know what I’m saying…

Are these apps safe?

Yes. The apps I’m about to list are all legit and don’t go against Instagram’s policies. Maybe check the rules regarding the Unfollowers app that I’ll list near the bottom as that’s a bit sketchier than the rest. If you want to be super safe then just avoid it.

The Instagram tools you’ll need

Now for the stuff you’ve actually been waiting for. To be fair, I wouldn’t blame you if you’ve skipped straight to this part – let’s jump right in.

Make sure you’ve got your notepad and pen!


This has been in my arsenal for well over a year now and I have it to thank for virtually every single story I produce.

It is so easy to use and has loads of free templates but if you pay £2.79 per month (or £18.49 for the year) you get access to all of the themes (and there are a LOT).

Unfold lets you craft amazing collages or single photos with really smart and minimal designs. I have used these stories as examples when pitching my quality of work to brands and I believe it has got a few deals over the line.

It also really helps your content stand out from the norm and people pay more attention because it’s novel.

Here are a few examples of stories I have created with unfold:

Find out more about Unfold here.

Template App

I know I said I wasn’t going to do same-y apps but the Template app is just a little bit different from Unfold. It allows users to create story templates but it also has optimised layouts for grid posts too along with the option to make massive carousel posts where all the pictures link into each other.

These carousel posts are excellent and will help your permanent content stand out as much as your stories.

Again, you get lots of free content with this app, but if you want access to hundreds more templates, it’s a monthly fee of £4.99 or a yearly fee of £24.49. Zoella must be raking it in…

Here’s a few examples of imagery I’ve created with the template app:

Find out more about the template app here.


This is actually a program I’ve only just recently started using but it has been a real game changer. Later lets you schedule posts to be automatically uploaded whenever you want.

It also has loads of analytics tools and lets you reply to comments via the desktop app – how handy is that????

Other similar tools include Hootsuite, Planoly and Buffer – these have their own merits but Later is the GOAT imo.

later scheduler

Find out more about Later here.


If you love an edit, Snapseed is for you.

It lets you create your own unique style for each photo you produce, has tons of customisability and is so, so easy to use. Not to mention, it was developed by Google, so it’s not gonna let you down.

There are some other great apps like Lightroom and VSCO but I find these much harder to use, which is why Snapseed gets my vote in the battle of the editing apps.

Here are some pictures from a recent trip to Bristol that I edited in Snapseed:

Find out more about Snapseed here.


If you want to create literally any sort of graphic, Canva is for you.

On this wonderful little app, you can design infographics, stories, headers – basically anything you can conceive of that would help you, your blog and your Insta. It’s indispensable.

Here are some designs I’ve mocked up in Canva recently:

Find out more about Canva here.


If you wanna find out who’s not following you back, this app is gold dust.

Keeping on top of your follower ratio seems trivial, self-absorbed and downright narcissistic, but at the end of the day, it does matter to brands and even potential followers.

If someone unfollows you, you get the chance to trim that number back. I’m not saying unfollow them, but this app lets you see who isn’t going to be engaging with you anymore and decide whether or not their content is worthy of you sticking around or not.

Don’t hate the player…

instagram tools followers app

Find out more about Followers here.


The best royalty-free image database there is. You can find literally any type of image you want on this platform and it’s all free! No need to pay for access or anything, just hit download and Bob’s yer uncle.

You could try Pexels as well which is what I used to use, but Unsplash is just so much better and looks far less ‘stock image-y’ if that makes sense?

Anyway, here are a few examples of imagery you can pick up for free on Unsplash:

Find out more about Unsplash here.

What do you think? Are you ready to get all these suckers downloaded? Even if you just use one of these mighty Instagram tools you’re going to improve your online presence in a jiffy. Imagine what would happen if you used them all???

Let me know what you think in the comments and tag me on Instagram if you’re getting involved!

Until next time amigos.