Ordo | How a sonic toothbrush blew my mind

I’ve always been one for your bog standard toothbrush. My teeth are my best feature (the best of a bad bunch – but still…) so why would I want to change? Truth be told – I didn’t think I would. That was until Ordo came along with their sonic toothbrush.

4 weeks down the line and my supersonic accomplice is my new best mate.

Here’s how a tiny piece of plastic blew my mind (and slightly shook my jaw).

Who are Ordo?

As you know, I never re-write brands’ “about us” because what’s the point in bastardising their mission statement for the sake of plagiarism?

Ordo toothbrush

So, over to you Ordo…

“Did you know most people don’t replace their toothbrush heads for 9 months, on average?

We want to solve this habitual headache (and bad habit!) that’s why we started Ordo – to offer convenience in an area of everyday necessity. No gimmicks, simply great oral hygiene that’s both convenient and cost effective. That’s it.”

I’d say that’s quite the noble crusade – wouldn’t you?

What’s a sonic toothbrush?

Truth be told, it’s just a cooler way of saying electric toothbrush.

I have always sort of shunned electric toothbrushes as I thought they were a bit of a scam, but I have to admit, once I used the Ordo brush, I was instantly converted.

Ordo toothbrush

The difference between the Ordo toothbrush and a lot of other toothbrushes is that instead of a head that rotates to clean the teeth, the entire brush itself vibrates.

Ordo toothbrush

You’d think this would be quite subpar when compared to a rotating head but it’s the opposite! The Ordo brush has some major, major power behind it and it felt like my teeth had been professionally cleaned the first time (and every subsequent time thereafter) I used it.

My experience with the Ordo package

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting so very patiently for – what I actually thought of the supersonic badboy.

The Brush

The brush itself is an absolute powerhouse.

Ordo toothbrush

The Ordo Sonic+ that I was lucky enough to review sends 40,000 sonic pulses (whatever they are) through the device, meaning your teeth get an absolute hammering…in the best way possible.

One charge via its lovely little charging stand gives you 3 full weeks of charge. 3 bloody weeks! If only my phone took a leaf out of the Sonic+’s book.

Ordo toothbrush

Then there’s the modes you can select.

You can select ‘clean’, ‘whiten’, ‘massage’ or ‘sensitive’ depending on what you’re fancying that day. Add to that the little silicone cleaning element and Dupont Tynex bristles on the head of the brush and you’ve got an absolute winner winner chicken dinner.


Ordo toothbrush

And the cherry on top is the inbuilt 2-minute timer that alerts you every 30 seconds so you can switch up your stroke (if you so please). It switches itself off after these 2 minutes which is extremely simple, but a feature I didn’t even realised existed before I entered the mighty realm of sonic brushes.

The Mouthwash

Then there’s the coolest mouthwash/mouthwash bottle combo I’ve ever seen in my life.

The Ordo mouthwash formula comes in a little sachet, which I thought was the stingiest portion I’d ever witnessed, before I realised it really wasn’t.

Ordo toothbrush

This is a super concentrated mouthwash which only had to be filled up to about 1/10th of the container’s capacity. I thought Robinson’s super concentrate was magic – this takes things to another level.

The Rest

Let’s not forget that Ordo aren’t just toothbrush specialists, they have a whole range of teeth-saving implements and potions.

Ordo toothbrush

If you opt for the Ordo Starter kit, you’ll get:

  • 18 x Interdentals
  • Reusable Mouthwash Bottle
  • Mouthwash Concentrate
  • 80ml & 25ml toothpaste
  • USB Adapter
  • Floss

You get all that for £25 – £25! What a bargain that is, considering how much this gear will transform your gnashers.

Ordo toothbrush

One caveat though. As you all know – I’m a chemica-phobe. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure if I will carry on with the refills once I run out for that reason. For a lot of people though, this won’t be a problem. The whitening toothpaste and mouthwash does exactly what it says on the tin and a lot of people don’t have an aversion to the whitening/cleaning chemicals like I do.

That being said, I will probably revert back to my hippy paste and just keep the absolute barnstormer of a brush.

Ordo have smashed the back doors clean off with their Sonic+ toothbrush. I am a convert and am completely happy to admit it.

If you want to get yourself one of these unbelievable pieces of kit – head over here. You can also follow them on the gram too.

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