I’ve lost my way | Blog changes

This is going to be something a bit different to what I usually put out.

If that puts you on edge for some unknown reason, click away.

There won’t be any nice little headings to break things up, no pictures, no page breaks, no bloody nuttin’.

We’re going old school blogging today, and that’s why I wanted to write this article.

I feel like I’ve lost my way a little bit with the blog. As real life has taken more and more of my time and energy, I have felt myself letting the blog slip a tad, so I’m writing this article to let off some steam and vent like the 12 year old Tumblr girl I was always destined to be.

When I started this website, all’s I wanted to do was create a space to help men to become the very best versions of themselves – to build a blueprint to get there. Hence The Man Blueprint.

And whilst that’s basically still every article I put out to this day, somewhere along the line, my passion waned somewhat.

That’s why I’ve decided, once I have finished my current list of collaborations, I won’t be doing any more on the blog for the rest of the year (and potentially beyond).

I want to get back to delivering stuff that I know will improve people’s lives. I’m not saying I’m a magical shaman who can change your life, but I just want to provide whatever knowledge I have and hope people benefit as a result.

Now, don’t get me wrong, if Balmain or Gucci knocked at my door tomorrow and said “write us an article please fella” I’d bite their hand off, but until that happens, it’s going to be #NonSpon from here on in.

Well, sort of.

I still have some really exciting stuff already booked in with these guys;

And I absolutely love working with brands – hell, I’ve worked with 50 of ’em. But I think the time is right to get back to what it’s all about and start writing from the heart as opposed to according to a brief.

Let’s see if 2020 is the year we all get back to being our authentic selves.

I realise that all I’ve really said in this article is essentially, “I am writing the same stuff I’ve always written, except more of it and for less pay”, so hopefully I haven’t wasted your time.

And if I have – it’s your fault for clicking on the article anyway…