Turn the COVID-19 lockdown to your advantage

Is this an insensitive topic to write about? We’ve got people dropping like flies due to the COVID-19 outbreak around the world, it’s crushing businesses and it has virtually collapsed the economy, but I’m here saying you can use this unprecedented catastrophe to your advantage?

What kind of sicko am I?

A positive one I suppose.

Look, I’m not some naive, air-headed idiot who has no grasp on the reality of the situation, but why would I sit here and write an article telling you the world is ending and that you may as well just sit there twiddling with your willy until it comes and kills you?

Because that’s what everyone else is doing and I’ll leave that nonsense to the papers (and laypeople who have suddenly become health experts).

Self-Isolation vs Lockdown

There’s a big difference between these two.

Self-isolation means you have to lock yourself away from the world like a hermit if you or those you live with display signs of COVID-19. This typically lasts between 7 and 14 days.

Lockdown is a government-imposed initiative whereby everyone has to stay indoors unless absolutely essential. You get an hour’s exercise per day, can travel for essential work and go the shop for groceries. That’s it. It’s like a much nicer prison sentence basically.

So what does this all mean for you and me? Well, for starters, we’re going to have a whole lot more spare time. No commitments whatsoever – you’re not expected to attend parties for people you don’t like and you don’t need to waste time commuting to work. In fact, you don’t need to waste time doing anything you don’t want to. Your time is completely your own to do whatever you want – and that offers some benefits.

I’ve listed a few things below that may well help you turn COVID-19 to your advantage. Who knows, you may just arise from this self-isolated cocoon a beautiful butterfly with a whole new outlook on life. Maybe.

New Habits

This is a big one.

Suddenly, everyone wants to go out for a walk or a jog, don’t they? Usually, we spend our entire day indoors but as soon as we’re told to do so, we all want to get outside and get fresh air…

And we’ve all started becoming insanely concerned with working out! Every man and his dog has started doing burpees, recording their workouts and putting their two cents of #fitspo on their social media channels.

And do you know what? I love it.

Everyone is trying their best to be healthy during this period. We’re all getting more active and we’ve even started to cook proper meals because we’re not in a constant rush to be somewhere.

And reading. Oh glorious reading. We’ve all started getting into our novels, our self-help and our autobiographies, haven’t we? AND we’ve even started making more of an effort to socialise with friends and family (virtually).

Say what you want about COVID-19, but I genuinely think it’s brought out the best in people (with the exception of the senseless hoarding of toilet roll and pasta that is…).

Use this time to get fitter than you’ve ever got before. Take up yoga, plyometrics, online fitness classes. Start cooking proper, nutritious food. Read books to enthral and expand the mind. Use this time wisely and emerge the most optimal version of you there’s ever been.

Here’s a list of ideas to get you started;

  • Read some self-improvement books.
  • Sign up to an online course (I like Udemy).
  • Set up a weekly call with your friends and/or fambo.
  • Take up a new at-home workout (I’ve been going retro, with P90x).
  • Start cooking healthy meals.
  • Pursue your side hustle and try to scale it up. Now’s the time for online business to thrive!


Maybe you’re someone who needs to guzzle a few cups of coffee to function throughout the day. Or even worse, maybe you’re one of those “don’t speak to me before my morning cuppa!” people.


You could be one of those people who nails a few brewskis after work with your colleagues or goes out and hammers the ABV’s every weekend.

You might dine out 5 times a week, blow your wages on the latest shoes that week or you might just have a run of the mill heroin habit every Thursday with the boys.

My point is, all these things are things you do when you go about day to day life, but here’s the kicker: now you’re not out and about all the time, you need none of it.

Personally, I’m using this period to go cold turkey on the Joe, the booze and to a lesser extent, my smack habit… Why don’t you do the same?

Here’s my reasoning for the few examples above;

  • Coffee: You’re in your own house – have a nap instead.
  • Booze: You don’t need it as social lubricant.
  • Dining out: Well, you just can’t. Get au fait with cooking proper meals that are good for you, you bloody child.
  • Heroin: Everything in moderation, right guys?!

I should probably just point out that I don’t have a smack habit, nor do I endorse it. If you didn’t pick up on that then you have no place on this site lol.


This is something we could all benefit from.

How much do we take for granted every single day? Being able to see our pals and family, going for a coffee, hitting the gym, having a stroll, going on holiday, taking a train, dining out, going to McDonald’s, having access to ample amounts of toilet roll, not having to queue round the block to get into a supermarket – the list goes on and on – and on – and on.

Once we’re out the other side of COVID-19, we might all start to take in just how bloody cushty our entire existence is. No matter how hard we think our lives might be, they are so incredible easy. Even just walking outside and seeing people in the street will be an experience that we can be consciously grateful for.

We’re going to see a complete shift in attitudes towards even the most mundane things and I for one, can’t wait.

Hopefully these tips have given you some ideas to work on over the next few weeks/months/years/decades. There are so many things you can use this time for and if we look through the absolute circus that is COVID-19, maybe there are are some positives we can take from it.

We can but hope.

Anyway, wash ye paws and all that good stuff. Whatever you do, don’t take health advice from moany bloggers, your conspiracy theorist mate, TV personalities, your mum, or anyone else that hasn’t got the slightest clue what they’re on about. Go and get your actual advice from the experts. This link should see you right.

Take care.