Fyodor | It’s time to ditch your old deodorant

Let’s kick this off by saying a big thank you to the guys over at Fyodor Deodorant for sending me over some of their products to try out for the past couple of months.

It’s been quite the tumultuous time – what with the apocalypse and all – since they initially reached out, but at least I’ve smelled good during one of the largest modern day pandemics the world has ever seen…

Jokes aside (am I allowed to even crack jokes about this?), I’ve been looking forward to getting this review written up for some time as Fyodor have really stepped up into the void that has been crying out to be filled forever.

That void is an effective, natural deodorant. And Fyodor have only gone and done it.

Who are Fyodor?

First of all, where did they get that name from? Who better to tell you than Fyodor themselves?

“Fyodor is an acronym for Fix Your ODOR. It’s also the name of the legendary writer, Fyodor Dostoevsky, who famously wrote “To go wrong in one’s own way is better than to go right in someone else’s”. With Fyodor, we’re going our own way.”

And their mission?

“You should smell and feel your best all the time. When designing products, we start with that end in mind and work our way backwards. Our attention to detail has already earned us rave reviews from customers.”

So yeah, Fyodor are all about making guys smell good – naturally.

Why you should ditch your old deodorant

It’s quite straight forward really. In fact, I have an entire article explaining why conventional deodorant is bad for you.

The top and bottom of it though, is that deodorants that you usually just pick up off the shelf are full of parabens and xenoestrogens that are bad for your endocrine system and can mess up your hormones in the long run.

Fyodor Deodorant

If you are interested and want to learn more, read the article linked above for a more in depth look into why your conventional deodorants suck balls.

So, why Fyodor?

What have these guys got that the majority of other personal care brands don’t?

Fyodor Deodorant

Here’s the checklist of why their gear is legit;

  • Paraben & aluminium free. Great for endocrine health.
  • Cost effective. One deodorant is £14 and will last months and months.
  • Smells phenomenal. Fyodor currently stock 2 different scents – Bask and Leaf. These are distinctly masculine but not in a sweaty, hairy chested oaf way. More of a refined, suited gentleman way.

fyodor deodorant

  • Easy. They have plans you can subscribe to, which net you 14% off.
  • All made in England. If you want to shop local and keep your carbon footprint down, go with Fyodor. Everything from start to finish is from England. Ingredients, manufacturing, you name it, it’s English.

What’s not to love?

And that’s that my guys.

Fyodor have an unbelievably well thought out product that ticks just about every box possible.

It smells great, looks cool, is made in England and won’t break the bank. Don’t think you can say fairer than that can you?

If you’re keen to get involved and nab yourself some natural goodness, be sure to visit their store and follow them on Instagram. Oh, and follow me while you’re at it.