Why I wear blue light blocking glasses (and why you probably should too)

Blue light blocking glasses – what the bloody hell are they? And why do I wear them so much? If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see me rocking these groovy glasses throughout the day and into the night.

So why are they so good? And should you climb aboard the bandwagon? Read on to find out.

What is blue light?

Whilst the sun is our main source of blue light, a big fat chunk of it comes from our screens. Phones, laptops, TVs and basically anything with a little electric hue emits it. We look at them all day and expose our eyes to this spectrum of light that we actually aren’t very well equipped to deal with.

Most blue light passes directly through our retinas too, which is far from ideal. This can cause degeneration over time and in the worst cases, lead to vision loss. It’s not all doom and gloom though. We can take steps to not only lower our exposure, but to keep our eyes in tip top condition even when looking at screens all day.

What are blue light blocking glasses?

Essentially, they’re just your run of the mill glasses with the lenses swapped out. So instead of your average clear lenses, you’ll have tinted lenses (although some are now clear) that filter out the blue light emitted by your devices. Simple.

Why I wear blue light glasses

So why do I actually wear blue light blocking glasses? Is it because I want to be a little bit different and look cool? Partly. But there are a few other reasons that trump that. Here they are.

Less eye strain

We look at screens all day, every day. We’ll check our phone all day, we’ll work at a computer probably from 9-5 every weekday, then look at our laptop screen in the evening and then we’ll watch TV all night. There is literally never a time when we’re not looking at a screen.

blue light eye strain

Over time, all this screen exposure will put strain on your eyes. In the short term, they may start to sting and feel dry and tired. In the long term, you may even start to develop sight problems. I’m not scaremongering here – this might not ever happen to you – but even if you could stop just a little bit of eye strain and help yourself be more productive for longer stints, wouldn’t you want to do it?

Better sleep

This is one of the biggest reasons that people start researching blue light blocking glasses. We all want better sleep and we all kinda know that our screens are messing with the 8 hours we should be getting.

So we look for our saviour. Enter – blue light glasses. Whilst they reduce the strain on your eyes, making sleep more comfortable, they also allow your body to start releasing melatonin (the sleep hormone). When not wearing any eye protection, the blue light from our screens will keep the brain awake, believing it to still be daylight and throwing your circadian rhythm out of whack. By wearing blue light blocking spectacles, you reduce this and allow your natural body clock to start doing its thing again.

Reduced vision blur

Ever get that horrible blurred vision feeling when you’ve been looking at a screen for hours on end? I know I do. I’m not a scientist so I don’t know the exact reason for that, but it is a real thing…

This could also be anecdotal, but I experience a lot less vision blur after long stints behind my laptop when wearing a pair of sweet ass blockers. This has also been backed up quite a bit, both by personal accounts and in scientific literature. I’m not telling fibs, promise!

The best blue light blocking glasses money can buy

I am a firm believer in the ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ mantra, and yet I always opt for the cheapest purchase. It then always proves to be crap and I continue to make the same mistake again and again until I finally cave, get the best version money can buy and proceed to hate myself for not just getting the best product first time around, saving time, money and stress.

Sound familiar?

I know it does, because we all bloody do it. We look for short term gains and sacrifice the long game because something is cheap. But if it’s so bad that you have to buy 10 of ’em, it isn’t gonna be so cheap in the end, is it?

That’s why I reached out to the blokes at RA Optics. I had heard that they were the best in the business when it came to blue light blocking glasses, so I shot them an email asking about their range.

If you want to know about the exact email templates I use, check out this video.

They were kind enough to oblige and I am now absolutely head over heels with these colourful little jam jars. If you want in on them, just follow this link for the good stuff. And since I’m nice, you can grab yourself a tidy little 10% discount just by clicking it.

What makes RA Optics blue light blocking glasses so good?

Here I am, waxing lyrical about a brand you probably haven’t heard of and telling you to go to them for your next blue light blocker fix. But I haven’t even explained who they are yet.

Wine and dine me before you get in my pants and all that…

Fair enough. I’ll oblige.

Who are they?

They’re a blue light blocking wonder-company started by Matt Maruca after he had spent years researching how to cure his debilitating illnesses. That led him down the route of exploring mitochondria and their electrical charges, which THEN led to him developing the best blue light glasses in the game.

This is backed up by RA Optics’s simple tagline on their about page;

Creators of the most effective blue light blocking glasses in the world.

Can’t put it any clearer than that, can you?

What makes their designs (and lenses) the best in the business?

1. Day and night options

This is something I’d never really seen when buying any other blue light blocking glasses before. RA Optics offer day lenses and night lenses, not just one pair that are worn ad-hoc.

RA Optics daytime lens RA Optics nighttime lens

I used to just wear my blue light blockers after 7pm every night in the hopes that it would aid my sleep. The problem with that is A. They were of a terrible quality, so wouldn’t make much difference and B. I had been looking at screens and straining my eyes all day anyway, so my sleep probably wasn’t getting much of a boost and my eyes were still at square one in terms of their health.

Being able to wear good quality glasses in the day, which still let some light in (so not to mess with my circadian rhythm) and then switch that up to the more powerful pair in the evening was a breath of fresh air.

2. Superior quality & colour perception

Right, this is quite an important point to consider when choosing the best blockers in the game. That’s why I’m not going to paraphrase. Instead, here is the direct quote from the RA Optics website about how their glasses are the bees knees;

Our lenses are CR-39, which is the highest quality polymer available. Not only are they lightweight, scratch proof, and shatter resistant they are infused with a proprietary pigment that mimics the natural melanin found in our eyes. This infusion technique is unique to our lenses, making them the most effective Blue Light blocking glasses that won’t diminish your perception of true color. We are proud to claim that no other blue light glasses on the market are able to match our level of protection with this degree of clarity.

RA Optics Colour Spectrum

Hopefully that cleared that up, yeah?

3. Highest quality frames in the industry

These are the 4th and 5th pair of blue light blocking glasses I’ve had and the one thing that stands out to me is the unbelievable quality of the entire build. The glasses feel solid and they don’t bend or creak at all. The construction is lovely, they won’t fall apart and the fit on your face is unmatched. I have had pairs that rub the bridge of my nose, I’ve had pairs that sit well above my eyebrows and I’ve had pairs that look like something out of Star trek. But these RA Optics ones fit the bill in every conceivable way.

There. Told you I’d metaphorically wine and dine you on info. Now if you haven’t already, get on them. They’re made in California, so you know you’re getting that health-conscious hippy goodness.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a pair right this bloody instant. If you want in, go and grab yourself some swanky specs here.

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