The Blog Rebirth (and why I’m quitting social media)

I had a dream when I started this blog 5 years ago. I wanted to create a space where any and all men could come to improve their life. Improvements in absolutely every aspect was what I wanted to promote.

One of the things I would preach would be to abstain from social media. I believed it to be something that distracted men and took a huge mental toll on them. So my goal was to get people to read my blog without ever having to promote myself on the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Shortly after, I accepted defeat and created my profiles. I knew it was inevitable that I had to get the word out somehow whilst I built up my SEO scores for the site. Fast forward 5 years (and over half a million visitors) and I’d say that the blog is a standalone success.

The only issue is that I have neglected it in recent times.

As I spent more time on social media, mainly Instagram, I spent less and less time writing engaging content for the blog, which really, is what I enjoy more than anything. I love helping people and I hate posing on Instagram for likes from people who don’t even care.

That’s why I have taken the decision to completely shun social media and rebirth The Man Blueprint as what it was always meant to be – a place where men can find their blueprint for improvement.

What does the rebirth entail exactly?

The rebirth of the blog is essentially just a new and improved version of ’18/19 TMB. I was pumping out blog after blog back then and was in love with the process. Of course, the blog was all I had to do, all day, every day back then, whereas now I have my own web design business to run.

Man on mountain

With that in mind, I am going to focus on creating blogs that I love and I know you guys will love too, using my newly found hours (from quitting social media) to pump out some of the best stuff you’ll have ever read.

What can we expect to see on the blog?

  • A more in depth look into my life and how I have lowkey made myself a success story over the last couple of years (and how you can too).
  • Wellbeing articles using knowledge I have been gathering from coaches across multiple disciplines.
  • Finance and business articles which will be yet another element of your self improvement blueprint.
  • And way, way more. I honestly can’t wait to start making top tier content again with no social media pandering. Just good old blogs – me and thee.

Why am I quitting social media?

There are so, so many reasons why I’m quitting social media. There isn’t one main reason; more a culmination of factors that have pushed me to a point where I just have to get out. To keep things brief and easy for you guys to see why, here’s a quick bullet point list:

  • I spend too much time gormlessly scrolling Instagram with a screen time that has crept up from 30 minutes a day once upon a time to well over 6, sometimes 7 hours daily now.
  • I find myself taking pictures, not because I want to, but because I feel like I have to document every single thing I do to show off to people who I literally couldn’t care less about, nor them about me. It created a habit of trying to flex on everyone with how great my life is and how productive I was being which really, if those things were true, I wouldn’t need to post about constantly.

man using social media in London

  • I get really angry. I think covid and the vaccine has driven a huge wedge between people on social media even more so than before. Couple that with a new group popping up every day proclaiming they are right and you are wrong and it begins to really take its toll on your mental health. Every time I would go onto my Instagram, I’d get lost in comment sections and then come out 15 minutes later with higher blood pressure having learnt nothing and gained nothing. An absolute lose lose that I certainly won’t miss.
  • My work suffers. Although I have exponentially grown my business in the last 12 months, I feel the need to document every new site I work on and every cool thing I come across all day, every day. This means I spend more time taking pictures of what I’m doing than actually doing the thing itself. Suddenly, I’ve got an extra 3 hours to do more deep work and actually get stuff done. With all this time freed up, not having to document every morsel of a job, I will be able to at least double my income and I am 100% sure on that. The trap most entrepreneurs fall into is wanting to appear busy because that makes them feel like they are doing well in life and gives them a buzz. The sad reality is that this isn’t indicative of actual work done and the end result is diddly squat. I want to avoid becoming a wantrepreneur and forge a genuine empire. Not build social media clout.

If any of these sound like you, you may want to give my articles on quitting Twitter (permanently) and quitting Instagram (for 30 days each year) a read. They may really help guide you to a place where you can fix your relationship with social media.

Looking ahead to the future

Yes I’ll still be on social media a little bit. But this will only be LinkedIn, where I solely post the progress of my business. I will only be on LinkedIn to further my professional gain, not constantly posting story updates and checking in with people from school who I never really liked.

I’ll be free again.

Free to do whatever I want, whenever I want and not have to get the best angle for a post or feel bad for not engaging with other profiles in fear that they may not like my next photo.

It’s all fake.

Absolutely all of it.

It’s a highlight reel that makes everyone look better than they are and makes you feel like garbage. Not only that, but it’s now an absolute breeding ground for argumentative idiots who just want to mash buttons on a keyboard and be angry all day.

It almost feels like unplugging from the Matrix. My dream has come full circle. After all these years, I can finally just do what I want on my own little corner of the internet, where people come to read what I say, instead of having to comment and like meaningless posts from people I don’t know in order to build a fake network of fake followers.

Everybody’s out for themselves and I want no part in it.

The rebirth is in full swing people and I want you all to join me on our rise to the top.

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