6 Best Bucket Hats for Men

Fashion in the summer offers a world of possibilities: short shorts, printed shirts, sunglasses that pop. But what’s the best way to finish off the whole look? Bucket hats for a true dose of nostalgia from the ’90s!

In its 100+ years of existence, the bucket hat has evolved from purely functional use by fishers and farmers alike to something entirely different. With appearances on Fashion Week runways and street style shots across the globe, bucket hats are increasingly popular among the fashion elite.

So, to give you the ultimate bucket hat experience, we have tracked down six of the best bucket hats available on the market. Read on.

The Best Bucket Hats For Men in 2021

Source: Unsplash

Throwback trends are resurfacing, and the age-old question: “form or function?” plays a huge role when we think of bucket hats. Fortunately, the coolest ones come in a range that offers a bit of style and functionality. 

Whether you are looking to step up your accessories game on a budget or you are ready to go luxury level, we’ve got the bucket hat for you!

Champion Embroidered Logo Bucket Hat

Champion is probably your best bet if you’re looking for affordable hats. This bucket hat is a laid-back favorite, with a twill exterior and washed cotton interior that’s durable yet soft. 

With minimal detailing and an embroidered logo above the brim, this garment-washed bucket hat exudes a modern look.

Kangol Bermuda Casual Hat

One of the most popular brands of bucket hats is Kangol. It’s a classic bell hat in the style of Kangol. This hat is crafted of a proprietary textured Bermuda material. 

Aside from the high-quality materials that maintain its firmness, you may also crush it or pack it for portability. 

Adidas Men’s Victory 3 Bucket Hat

Designed for performance, this bucket hat is durable and comfortable. Soft, lightweight polyester and mesh create shade and ventilate to help keep you cool and comfortable under the sun. 

The moisture-wicking bands also help keep sweat out of your eyes.

Mission Cooling Bucket Hat

With UPF 50 fabric and a wide brim, this bucket hat keeps your face, ears, and neck protected from harmful UV rays. This hat has a chin strap that can be adjusted to your comfort, along with brass snaps on either side to keep the brim pinned up. 

As a bonus, Mission products are made with a proprietary cooling fabric that uses water to activate, is chemical-free, reusable, and washable. 

Stetson Men’s Fairway Bucket Hat

Unlike other men’s hat styles, this one has a distinct appearance. Many brands emphasize the function of the hat while ignoring the aesthetics, but not this one. 

Also, the material is highly breathable, so air can freely travel through it and keep the head cool.

Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Bucket Hat

It is a great bucket hat with the Polo logo, and the brand is easily recognized since it’s embroidered on the front. Seamed brim, 100% cotton, stitched grommets, and 100 percent cotton construction. 

And unlike most hats, it can be machine-washed without losing its form. 


Source: Unsplash

Not only is the bucket hat trendy, but it’s also convenient and easy to wear. In general, bucket hats for men are quite affordable and can complement almost any style. We recommend that you try out one of those cool bucket hats that we listed above; it’ll boost your confidence and make you look better.