Testing out the new Leesa pillow & sheet set

Here we go again! This is my second collaboration with Leesa Sleep, who have been kind enough to sort yours truly out with their new sheet and pillow set.

If you’re interested in my last post on the Leesa mattress, you can have a quick read of that before carrying on. If not, I won’t hold it against you – promise.

Leesa box

Who are Leesa?

Leesa are one of the world’s leading mattress specialists. If you were to have a read through their reviews on trust pilot you’d think people were paid to say what they’re saying.

Leesa sheet set

Everyone loves Leesa. If you’re interested in getting knee deep in some reviews that aren’t mine, you can check them out here.

leesa box again

I’ve said it before but Leesa are the good guys of the corporate world. They donate one mattress for every ten they sell, they plant one tree for each mattress they sell and they donate a huge portion of their time to supporting local and national organisations.

leesa pillow

If Leesa was a person I’d buy them a pint (or a vodka red bull, whatever floats their boat).

Shop: The Leesa Range

The Leesa sheet set

Let’s start with the sheet set because this is exciting stuff. How sad is it that I’m getting excited about bed sheets?

Anyway, whatever.

leesa sheet set

Leesa have teamed up with THIRD. who are a company that produce luxury linen from the finest cotton money can buy.

The sheet set has a ‘sateen weave’ which apparently makes it softer to the touch after each wash.

As I’m sure you’re aware, sheets usually get a bit rough and bobbly with each wash so the fact that these get better with age is a massive bonus and it means your sheets will last you a whole lot longer. I can’t say this enough – you get what you pay for.

sheet and pillows laid out

As long as you’re not soiling yourself nightly then these sheets are gonna last you a helluva long time.

My experience

I’m not going to pretend I usually sleep on sandpaper – my usual sheets are pretty sweet, but they’re not specialist sheets.

Leesa and THIRD. have engineered the holy grail of sheets here and the difference in comfort was night and day (was that a pun?). On that first night I was out like a light, much like my first night on their mattress.

leesa sheet close up

After another week or so of testing, it just got comfier and comfier. Obviously it is tailor made for the Leesa mattress (although it fits all other mattresses) so it fits like a glove and gives the best possible conditions for shuteye.

This was the perfect storm for helping me to get my fabled 8 hours.

man in bed reading book

I know it’s not exactly a huge selling point but THIRD. also threw in a wee care package with a few bits to aid my sleep quest. Some teabags, sleep spray and even a cheeky link to their wind down playlist on Spotify.

The Leesa pillow

Apparently, the Leesa Pillow took years of development along with hundreds of prototypes just to get it out in the public eye.

That’s a lot of man hours for a pillow.

leesa pillow

With that in mind, it would be fair to say that this pillow should be blowing its competitors out of the water. And that’s basically what it does – but I’ll get into that further down.

This pillow is made with the same technology that NASA use. Although it’s probably wise not to make the mistake I did and try to make a rocket out of it. Apparently that’s not feasible.

leesa sheets and pillow

Back to the NASA tech anyway. The Leesa pillow uses an airflow system in the memory foam layer that helps one side of the pillow to stay cool – aiding in your quest for the best sleep of your life. Good gear if you ask me.

My experience

I can’t think of a funny comparison for what putting my head on this pillow for the first time felt like. But rest assured, it felt rather pleasant. Maybe my first motorboat?

Paired with the sheets, the pillow worked wonders for collecting Zzz’s. Then pair THAT with the mattress and you’re basically guaranteed to wake up feeling born again.

leesa set

After a couple of weeks I had noticed that my sleep was a lot more consistent. Not that I’m a bad sleeper anyway but I feel like this pillow was the cherry on top. Now, I’m not saying the Leesa pillow is magic – it could have been a placebo effect – but bloody hell it was good.

After digging even further into the tech behind the pillow itself, I found out why it was so perfect for my big fat head. It has a memory foam centre and is topped with premium microfibres, meaning it keeps your head and neck in perfect alignment all night no matter what position you sleep in.

man in bed reading

I move about quite a lot while I’m sleeping (just ask my long-suffering girlfriend) so this was absolutely perfect. The fact that you don’t have to fluff ’em either is nice – finally, a product aimed at a lazy bugger like me.

Fancy it?

Yet again, the Leesa team have smashed it out the park. On top of one of the best mattresses in the world, they’re producing cooling pillows and magic bed sheets.

I’m a guy who prioritises sleep over most things – and with good reason. By upgrading my sleeping gear I have been able to optimise my sleep & overall wellbeing, which is something I can’t recommend enough.

leesa sheets

If you want to get started on your sleep improvement journey, you can get £100 off your purchase with the code ‘IMTHEMANBLUEPRINT01‘.

Shop: The Leesa Range

The Leesa sheet and pillow set. What an absolute pair of crackers.

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