The Bachelor’s guide to healthy eating

Do men really need basic cooking/meal prep guides anymore? Is this Bachelor’s guide to healthy eating even NECESSARY?

Well, yes – sort of.

Long gone are the days when a squire’s wench would rustle up a stew and some mead for her breadwinner at the end of a working day.

And thank bloody God. Crippling sexism aside for a sec – what a bunch of man babies that dynamic created! Men who couldn’t cook their own meals, resorting to beans and marmalade with a side of skittles if their other halves weren’t available/didn’t exist.

Thankfully, us blokes are far more adept in the kitchen now, but that doesn’t mean we all have hours and hours of free time to rustle up healthy meals on the reg. Sure, you could do meal prep for the week on a Sunday night but who wants to do that?

This guide will show you the ultimate Bachelor diet. No cooking required – ever.

Yeaaaaaah boiiiiii you heard that right – NO COOKING.

Let’s get into it. This is The Bachelor’ Guide to Healthy Eating.

Who this guide is for

I’ve gone for the title, ‘Bachelor’s guide to healthy eating’ because of the tired stereotype that single guys just eat takeaways and can’t cook for themselves.

I love stereotypes.

But this guide is for basically everyone who lives in the 21st century. We are so deprived of our own time that eating healthily is one of hardest things we are faced with.

Whose average day of eating looks like this?

  1. Cereal/Toast/Nothing
  2. Latte from starbucks
  3. Soup/Meal Deal
  4. Chocolate bar
  5. Microwave dinner
  6. Late night snack aka 3 bags of crisps

I bet at least half of you reading this probably have a diet similar to this. Obviously it is your fault but it’s also kinda not. Our lives are so hectic that eating well goes to the bottom of the priority pile and we opt for the easiest and *tastiest* grub that we can throw down the hatch and forget about.

Except eventually, we can’t just forget about it. Poor eating habits are going to put you in an early grave. I know there’s going to be exceptions to this; “My nan eats nothing but doughnuts and worms and she’s 125!” – good for her. The facts are still there though, eating garbage puts a strain on your bod and the older you get, the harder it’s going to hit you.

That’s not to say you can’t treat yourself every day, I often scoff sweets, chocolate, ice cream and whatever I can get my grubby mitts on, but for the most part, my diet is decent – which is what you should aim for.

Think 80/20 people.

Wouldn’t it be good though, if the food you ate was healthy, quick AND a treat in and of itself on account of its god damn tastiness?

That’s where THE BACHELOR’S GUIDE TO HEALTHY EATING comes into its own. I love this title, pretty proud of myself for that one.

What’s so good about it?

A meal plan that is healthy and requires precisely zero cooking sounds a little bit too good to be true, are there any other benefits? Yes there are.

Here’s a few to whet your appetite – pun intended.


For £40 ($52), you can get a full week’s worth of food. If you did a bit of bargain shopping you could probably get it way cheaper too.

This works out so much cheaper than constantly eating out, saving you time and making you feel better in the long run. A meal deal every now and again won’t kill you though.


It’s healthy! You’ll be getting lots of lean protein, healthy fats and a good mix of fast and slow releasing carbs throughout the day. Pair that with a plethora of fruits and veggies and you’ve got yourself a perfect diet.


The main selling point of this Bachelor diet is that it is so bloody easy. No cooking. Does it get any better? No sir it does not.


It may look a bit simplistic on paper, but once you’ve tried the recipes below, you’ll realise just how tasty stripped back meals can be. The fact that they’re tasty paired with them being so satiating means that it’ll be a long time until you’re bored of them and you’ll be able to stay on track with ease.

Save time

With the lack of cooking and low prep times, this diet is going to save you so much time it’s almost laughable. When I’m meal prepping on a certain diet plan, I’ll probably spend 1-3 hours prepping and cooking per day.

With this diet, you’ll be hard done by if you spend more than half an hour prepping, it really is a life saver.

The Bachelor’s guide to healthy eating

So let’s recap.

I’ve shamed you about your dietary choices and lauded my eating superiority over your malnourished, impoverished heads, I’ve told you that there is a solution and we’ve been through the benefits of the diet.

Now wouldn’t it be lovely if I actually told you what the diet was?

It’s simple.

Just eat more fruit and veg.

There we go!

Hope all that reading was worth it guys.

I’m just pulling ya leg, got you though didn’t I? I’ll outline the diet below. It’s basically exactly what I’m currently following at the moment and it’s giving me great results. It is high in protein, fruit, veg, etc and it’s way healthier and cheaper than your current diet plan – that I can guarantee.

Anyway, enough fannying about, here it is.

Meal 1

150g Skyr

1 apple

1 banana

30g dates


  • Cut up apple, banana and dates.
  • Put them, along with the yoghurt in a bowl.
  • Look at yourself in the mirror, perplexed as to how eating healthily can be so goddamn easy.

Meal 2

100g oats

40g protein powder

150g berries



  • Put it all into a bowl and mix.
  • Quick note – I use almond milk and chocolate peanut butter vegan protein powder just to try and reduce my dairy intake a bit. Could be a good shout for those who are sensitive to teet produce to make the switch.

Meal 3

1 tin of tuna

250g microwave mexican rice

60g smoky shredded beetroot

1/2 avocado

30g salad cream


  • Microwave rice for a minute.
  • Add in tuna, avocado, beetroot and sauce.
  • Microwave for another 1:30 minutes.
  • Quick note – mexican rice and smoky shredded beetroot are quite vital to the taste of this meal. If you can, try to find these in your local supermarket.

Meal 4

240g pre-cooked chicken slices

150g bag of salad

1 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp balsamic vinegar

Salt & Pepper


  • Put everything into a bowl.
  • Mix it up.

Snacks (optional)

  • Protein bar
  • Peanut butter
  • Chocolate bar
  • Basically anything snack sized that will stop your hunger for a bit.
  • Quick note – Frozen watermelon balls are great for snacking. Obviously it’s only really feasible when at home though.

Calories & Macros

Here is the breakdown of calories, macros, etc before snacks are accounted for. Obviously feel free to add more snacks, more ingredients, less ingredients, whatever – to fit your calorie goals.

Calories: 2,203kcal

Protein: 156g

Carbs: 248g

Fat: 55g

What a great diet this truly is. Thank you me for being such a genius.

What a thrill ride that was ey? The Bachelor’s guide to healthy eating has probably gone and changed your life am I right?

If not, whatever.

But if it did, I’m happy I could help a fellow broski develop healthy eating habits whilst not having to sacrifice his time nor money to do so.

I may have just created the perfect diet. Is this what Einstein felt like when he created the theory of relativity? I bet it is! Anyway, enjoy your new found knowledge. Let me know how you get on by hitting me up on Instagram.