Master & Dynamic: The best over ear headphones?

Master & Dynamic are true icons of the sound game. Whilst they’re not the oldest on the market, they’re certainly one of the best.

I was sent a pair of their MW60 headphones to put through its paces.

Here are my thoughts.

Master & Dynamic

Master & Dynamic was set up in 2014 in New York by Jonathan Levine after getting into the headphones scene via his son who was an aspiring DJ.

…I wish my dad would design me some headphones!

Master & Dynamic headphones

Their mission is simple – make headphones that perform as well as they look (and vice versa) whilst not skimping on quality – M & D claim these will last over 50 years!

What did I get?

The MW60 was my headphone of choice.

This is the big daddy of the range and you can see why. It just oozes class.

Master & Dynamic headphones

It comes in loads of colours but I opted for a classic all-black look. I don’t think I could pull off anything else.

The Good

Let’s get stuck into what I enjoyed…


This has to be first.

A set of headphones where the sound isn’t the main player would be a pretty naff pair of headphones…

Master & Dynamic headphones

All sorts of songs sounded crisp through the MW60s. From acoustic sets to hard rock – everything sounded like the artist was singing directly to me.

They say that they’ve made the sound quality as ‘natural’ as possible with only minor tweaks on bass, etc to optimise the sound.

You can really tell as the sound is very different to what I’m used to but I enjoyed it.

Battery life

At around 16 hours, the battery life of the MW60s is just above standard.

Although I’d maybe have liked a little bit longer, 16 hours is still absolutely fantastic.

You’re probably looking at a charge every 3-4 days which you really cant argue with.


Whilst they didn’t cure my god damn ugly face, they did make it look cooler via the expert design.

Master & Dynamic headphones

Designed and developed in New York, these babies made me feel like a city slicker with their sleek edges and minimal details.

They’re light but sturdy and you feel like you’ve got sex appeal on a headband draped over your ears.

Good stuff imo.


Pardon my sideways image, I couldn’t seem to flip it…

Master & Dynamic headphones

Listen, I know it’s not the be all and end all but I am a fat sucker for presentation.

Making a product more of an experience is what people want and I know this because I am people.

The leather cable box, the headphone case – it was all just unequivocal luxury.

I couldn’t stop putting everything back in the box and taking it back out again just to gawp at the design.

Sad, I know.

The Bad


Yes, they cost a lot.

£449 to be precise.

Master & Dynamic headphones

But as with a lot of the companies I showcase on the blog, you do get what you pay for.

If you want the best, you’re going to have to pay a premium.

That being said, if you don’t want to shell out £400+ on some headphones then you’re best looking elsewhere for your audio fix.

Master & Dynamic do actually do less expensive pairs though that start at £199 so you could check them out too.

Not much else

Yep, that’s really pretty much it.

These are absolutely fantastic and apart from being pricey – which I would argue they justify – they are basically faultless.

Overall, I am absolutely certain that these are the best headphones I have ever tried. The quality is on another level. I still love my Dre Beats but bloody hell – the MW60s are something else.

These are genuine game changers in the scene.

And there we have it gang – what a pair of headphones!

If you’d like your own pair, you can pick them up from the Master & Dynamic website. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.